Anonymous said: do you know where the dress from the nashville cover is from? the black one. thank you!

it’s not a dress it’s this jumpsuit

Anonymous said: Do you think another song will be released prior to 1989 coming out?

idk everyone is hoping for the itunes pre-releases that she’s done with her past albums, but no word on if that is happening yet!

Anonymous said: is Taylor really gonna release a second single?

i mean eventually she will..

Anonymous said: Who is Tree Paine?

her publicist

Anonymous said: what happens if you break a nondisclosure agreement? for taylor? (i guess it could be different for different artists and things?)

if you break any nda you can be sued, but unless someone leaks something major (song titles or lyrics) i doubt legal action would be taken.

Anonymous said: ohmygosh do you know taylors recipe for the chai/eggnog cookies? or is there anyway you guys could ask haha cuz i dont have a tumblr or instagram and stuff. i looovee chai hahaha

We don’t know it. But I’d check the Food Channel website. She seems to get a bunch of her recipes from there. Let us know how they are if you make them. 


i’m sorry you don’t have funnier friends

Anonymous said: Did Taylor cut her hair again? It looks shorter

idk i dont think so 

Edit: oh yeah she cut her trimmed her hair and cut her bangs again I think?

Anonymous said: what is 'no its becky' supposed to mean?

its an old running tumblr joke made up by some random

Taylor’s liked some posts about this becky joke too:

Anonymous said: Do you think we'll be getting promo singles? There's less than 5 weeks left, and she usually releases 3 or 4. Shouldn't she have announced it by now?

yeah it is about a week away from when they should start so if they’re happening they should be announced this week. she might be waiting for one of her interviews/public appearances too. idk i really hope we get them though.