Anonymous said: Any signs of a shake it off cd single? If there's ever news of one, plssss post it ok

No news about one yet, but if there’s anything we will make sure to post about it!

Anonymous said: I know who you are and your fuqqing location

congrats you know how to work an ip address

Anonymous said: Considering it's pretty obvious this album is going to be less about guys and relationships and more about finding yourself. Do you think she'll still have little hints for each song?

Yeah, she said she was going to still have them in the livestream. Also the secret messages arent meant to say who a song is about, but to just give the fans a little bit more info/meaning behind it

Anonymous said: hi hello. sadly I missed the live stream (it was 5am where i live and i didn't wake up). I just wanna know, how long was the entire livestream? An hour or more? Thank you for answering

It was 30 minutes :)

you can watch the livestream here

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

Anonymous said: what are the odds of getting a track listing within the next month?

we probably will get it at the beginning on oct is my guess

Anonymous said: do i have to pre-order the cd to have the 1 OF 5 COLLECTIBLE SETS OF 13 EXCLUSIVE PHOTO PRINTS?? or I can just wait until October 27th to buy the CD?

i think it’s in all the cd reguardless if you preorder

Anonymous said: any word on whether she will be at GMA tomorrow in person or over the phone?

in the background of the perez pic there was a good morning america sign so she might have filmed it after the live chat.

Anonymous said: Is Taylor going to the UK now?

i think all the stuff she has will be over the phone i dont think it’s humanly possible for her to get there that quickly

Anonymous said: Wow, Francesca looks 5'8 on camera. ;)


Anonymous said: Where are you in the video??!! This is so exciting! we’re the three on the left