Anonymous asked: Do you like Sarah Hyland? And which out of Tay's friends do you like the most?

How come every time taylor hangs out with sarah, we get asked if we like her? I’m starting to think this is sarah herself lol

Anonymous asked: Do you know where the navy dress with the yellow flowers is from? It's so gorgeous, Taylor looks stunning!

Anonymous asked: Does Taylor not stop for fans in New York? There have been tons of paparazzi pictures of her out and about but no fan pics. Why do you think that is?

we’ve said this a lot but it’s because as you can see in the pictures there’s a shit ton of paps and fans and just people on the street who stopped to get a peek of what was going on. she’s stopped for people inside places, but with all the people yelling and taking pictures while she’s outside it’s hard to differentiate who is even a fan. she usually just tries to walk straight to her car. also stopping in such a big crowd could be a hazard as people would be pushing and shoving and endangering themselves and her. she is just being safe.

Anonymous asked: Do you know what Taylor's schedule is like for the next few weeks? Like whether she's got events or recording etc? x x

she has the met ball on may 5th and is possibly going to the billboard awards, but besides that we have no idea.

Anonymous asked: I noticed a few asks back that you linked a Taylor style blog (well, THE Taylor style blog - I love Sarah hehe!) and I was wondering if you are inspired by Taylor's style at all? <3

yes she runs a great blog! but maybe once or twice i have been not that often though i love myself too much for that

Anonymous asked: There's no way that it's warm enough for her to be wearing a bathing suit in RI. She's probably somewhere warm.

i mean i’ve seen people in much colder weather in shorts and a tank top so it’s possible, but the looks of the beach itself it’s probably some place tropical.

Anonymous asked: is that pic from RI or do you think she's vacationing somewhere?

Not sure tbh but her brother was spotted in RI Friday so she prob is there

Anonymous asked: do you know the exact quote and/or source of the thing taylor said about how she likes unironically liking stuff? like when she said it or just the context or anything really? thank you so much!

i’m not sure, but if any of our followers know please send us an ask!

Anonymous asked: Hey, I am going to LA in a few days for a holiday and I was wondering if you knew of any places to eat that Taylor has gone and eaten at so I can check them out :) Thank you xx

she’s gone to bouchon, the farm, sushi roku, mostly she just goes to whole foods. depending on your budget though if you’re gonna splurge on a nice meal and you like japanese food i’d recommend nobu in malibu first and foremost. sugarfish is also a very popular sushi place. i haven’t been yet but crossroads is a very hip restaurant right now too (especially if you wanna try to celeb spot). you also should hit up coffee bean (ice blendeds are amazing) and in n out. bay cities too they have pretty much the best subs in LA. if you want any more recs i can give you some to i was born and raised here so i’m always down to help.

Anonymous asked: Guys what is your favorite music video of Taylor?