Anonymous asked: I believe that's from 2009 Vevo launch party right?

yeah her leaving it

Anonymous asked: Does Taylor ever go on holiday (as in like abroad/to a resort) or is she too busy working? x

she has not as much lately though. i think she uses her rhode island home as a vacation spot more now.

Anonymous asked: Brian tweed did that there will be a "great country single" on the album just fyi :)

no, he tweeted that’s he HOPES for…

@brian_mansfield: “@IWasNeverASaint what sounds do you hope to hear from Taylor’s new album? #AskBrian” Ones I wasn’t expecting. And a good country single.

Anonymous asked: Do you think selena and taylor are as close as they used to be?

lol no

Anonymous asked: I was wondering if you now where taylor's latest picture's shoes are from. :)

they’re Christian Louboutin

Anonymous asked: Who was the girl with Taylor last night on the phone?

Ashely avignone, she’s been Taylor’s friend for awhile

Anonymous asked: The Sweeter Than Fiction in the video is the karaoke version. The vocals are just the background vocals.


Anonymous asked: Do you know how do get that alternate versiion of Sweeter than Fiction??? Its heavenly, the harmonies, the key changes SO GOOD!!!

No, it’s not officially released :(

Anonymous asked: when does taylor usually leave her nyc apartment? i'm going to new york in 2 days and i'll probably go to her apartment once and it would be awesome if i met her there :) thanks !!

She doesn’t meet fans outside her apartment cause of security reasons and if she stopped for one fan then more and even more fans would start showing up and it would get out of control. so you’ll just get the chance to see her walk out to her car. I have no clue what time she leaves though, im sure it changes from day to day

Anonymous asked: Hi, I was just wondering if you or anyone of your followers could help me out :) the candids you just posted with taylor in the black sweater with the hearts, WHERE DO I GET IT? Or maybe, where do I get an affordable similar one? Cause I've checked "stealherstyle" and they don't have it (yet)

there ya go! :)