Anonymous said: do you know how good morning america works? can i stay outside the studio and possibly meet taylor?

it honestly depend on how they’re doing it at least for monday’s appearance but the concert is public so you can watch but probably not meet her

Anonymous said: Hi! Just wanting to clarify that tay is doing an interview on GMA on 27th oct and a performance on the 30th oct on GMA? I'm having trouble finding the Info on the GMA website, thanks!

yep you’re correct

Anonymous said: this is kinda a weird question, but what did taylor do in new york the past months? she found a gym right? but it's not like she was at the gym all day. did she record songs in ny or is that somewhere else?

She spent a lot of time with friends, she did the final touches on the album, she probably wrote a lot, but i think most of her recording took place in la and before her move.

Anonymous said: does taylor only have homes in la, new york, and rhode island? and then her parents' home in nashville?

Yeah la, New York, Rhode Island and she bought penthouse in Nashville too that was her first home back when she was 19

Anonymous said: can you guys answer some questions seriously because i didn't come here for jokes thx.

actually over half our answers are serious we only joke around with opinion questions maybe try reading more than two things thx

Anonymous said: that gif of taylor looking at the window is so creepy

She’s creepy cause she cares

Anonymous said: what's line? ahaha and is it for sound recordings and stuff? do you think she's gonna reveal song lyrics there?

it’s just an app that’s paid celebs and tv shows a lot of money to sponsor it. i doubt any new content will be there. it’s basically just a messaging app where you can message “taylor” but it just gives you generic auto-replies.

Anonymous said: Is Out of the Woods out now in London?


Anonymous said: when does the song come out?like in how many hours?i'm so confused

The song comes out TONIGHT at midnight ET…. most likely around 9pm PT. 

Anonymous said: It's nice and sweet that she thought the relationship was beautiful and something she would look for. I may not be fond of the guy but if she was happy during that time esp during the mix of all the media chaos, then that's all that matters. :) It's amazing how off we can be. We weren't expecting Harry to make that much of an impact on her & we were expecting angry songs, but it turns out we were mostly wrong.

Who is this Harry?