Anonymous said: Could you guys try uploading the Love Story rehearsal video?

ty to ohsoswiftly, here is a dl link

Anonymous said: You're marking a lot of non-HQ images as HQ. Stuff like 300x400

They’re all saving in hq, tumblr is prob messing up :/

Anonymous said: Do you know if Taylor's performing first or is it just rumors?

She is confirmed to be performing first. check out iheartradio’s twitter

T-MINUS 4 HOURS ’TIL kicks off Night 1 of the Music Festival!
: is opening the Music Festival - who’s ready to !!?

Anonymous said: Do you know about what time Taylor will take the stage tonight? Thank you! :)

she’s opening the show! 7pm PT/10pm ET

Anonymous said: Will you guys be posting the live stream links? :)

yes! we will tomorrow when it gets closer to the show so it doesnt get lost :) in the mean time here is a link i saved

Anonymous said: wait is the iheartmusic festival thing tomorrow?? and taylors playing new songs there?

yes, and i really have no idea if she is or not.

Anonymous said: A clue was the Haters Gonna Hate Unicorn shirt she performed in....

i’m not sure if she had written shake it off at that point i always thought the song was slightly inspired by the shirt not vice versa

Anonymous said: can you think of/do you think there were any clues to this album? (like the red shoes for red haha)

taylor was born in 1989

Anonymous said: whoa whoa whoa YOU WERE IN THE SHAKE IT OFF VIDEO?

Yes, 3 of us were. Karina, Francesca and Maddy. 

Anonymous said: How do I mention Taylor? Like I put @taylorswift but her name doesn't come up in the options I can click and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong :(

i have no idea why her name doesn’t come up it’s working fine for me